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House Planning

house planning drawing

House planning drawing services involve creating detailed and accurate drawings of a house’s layout and design.

house planning design

House planning design services offer expertise in creating perfect and pleasing homes, customized to the client’s needs.

house planning 3 bedroom

House planning for a 3-bedroom home requires careful consideration of space, functionality, and design. Professional services can ensure optimal results.

house planner

house planner

House planner services provide expertise in designing, organizing and optimizing home spaces to meet the needs of homeowners.


house plan

A house plan is a detailed drawing that shows the layout and dimensions of a building, including rooms and walls.

house plan vastu east facing

An east-facing house plan that follows the principles of Vastu can bring positive energy and good luck to the occupants.

house plan south facing

A house plan with a south-facing orientation is designed to maximize natural light and solar heat gain from the sun.

house plan north facing

A house plan for a north-facing property should take advantage of natural light and prioritize cozy and warm living spaces.

home plan

A home plan is a presentation of a house’s layout and design, including room arrangements, dimensions, and construction details.

About house planning

Welcome to houseplanning.in, where we specialize in expert house planning services. Our team is 10+ years of experienced architects and designers who are dedicated to creating personalized home plans that reflect your unique style, budget, and needs.

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House Plan

basic layout map with vastu and best space management, natural light and air management

commercial clean

Architectural drawings

furniture drawing, electrical drawing, plumbing drawing, working drawing, door window schedule,

customize clean

Elevation Drawing

Modern 3d house front elevation drawing for best front view management

when you planning to build a new house first thing that comes to your mind that how better you can use the space and fulfill the basic requirements in budget 

we are here to help you with house planning services for residential and commercial space

Give your house a expert touch

our expert will create a customized house plan as your need. you can discuss your detailed requirement with an expert we will follow your information 

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Our Pricing

Best Price for everyone


2 ₹ /sqft

House plan with furniture layout


9 ₹ /sqft

House plan, working, electrical, plumbing, door window drawing

Demo plan

1000 ₹

Single line demo house plan

the price depends on the size and requirement to get the perfect price call us +91 8107951722

We Promise You

commercial clean
Professional Quality
Easy and Affordable Payments
On Time delivery

we are committed to best quality and price within given time 

Easy process

our process is very simple and client friendly 

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share the details for discussion and shedule an expert call for free quotation  

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Get the best house plan design services online no appointment no waiting

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All payment modes available credit card, debit card, upi, phone pay, google pay

Seamless Communication

Call between 9 to 7 to discuss with sales and support team

Our Happy Clients

client 1
woman, girl, lady-5287552.jpg
Rishab shetty

I was so impressed with the house planning services provided by houseplanning.in Their team was professional, and efficient, and truly listened to our needs and preferences. We couldn't be happier with the final result.

man, indian, portrait-1129953.jpg
manohar singh

As someone who had never built a house before, I was a bit overwhelmed with the planning process But house planning made it so easy and stress-free. I highly recommend their services.

client 3
Ritu jain

I had a unique vision for my dream home, and house planning helped bring it to life. Their team was creative, skilled, and attentive to detail. They exceeded my expectations in every way.

gorgeous girl, indian model, open hair-865621.jpg
Riya verma

I was really impressed with the house planning services provided by house planning. They took the time to listen to my needs and came up with a design that exceeded my expectations.

House Planning Service

Get all types of house plans for different sizes and requirements

1 bedroom house plan

a house plan with 1 bedroom hall kitchen is good for small families and also used for farmhouses

2 bedroom house plan

the most asked house plan is a 2 bedroom hall kitchen its always good for small families or for tiny spaces

3 bedroom house plan

a house plan with 3 bedrooms with a hall kitchen is good for medium size of family require good space

4 bedroom house plan

4 bedroom with hall kitchen is generally suitable for big family and bungalow houses in big space

House plan north facing

north face is the best direction in vastu. For a north-facing house, consider Vastu principles for a harmonious and auspicious living space.

House plan south facing

For a south-facing house, proper placement of rooms and furniture can enhance the flow of positive energy and promote well-being.

House plan east facing

An east-facing house plan is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and health to the residents, according to vastu principles.

House plan west facing

When designing a west-facing house plan, it is important to consider principles such as the placement to optimize natural light and airflow.

House plan up to 1000 sqft

all small size like 300 sqft, 400 sqft, 500 sqft, 600 sqft, 700 sqft, 800 sqft, 900 sqft, and 1000 sqft house plans

House plan 1000 to 2000 sqft

all medium size like 1100 sqft, 1200 sqft, 1300 sqft, 1400 sqft, 1500 sqft, 1600 sqft, 1700 sqft, 1800 sqft, 1900 sqft and 2000 sqft house plans

House plan 2000 to 3000 sqft

All big size like 2100 sqft, 2200 sqfr, 2300 sqft, 2400 sqft, 2500 sqft, 2600 sqft, 2700 sqft, 2800 sqft, 2900 sqft and 3000 sqft house plans

House plan 3000+ sqft

bungalow size of the house require big space for construction as well as setback these type of house plan have good size room and other spaces

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